Questions/Objections to “Why I am not Po stmil” blog PT.3

Posted: September 13, 2011 by rickyroldan in Eschatology, Exegesis

The question posed to me is:

“How do you interpret the parable of the leaven, in which the leaven (kingdom of heaven) leavens “all” the dough? Leaven is a gradual process, not a dramatic change.”

If we impose a postmillennial interpretation to this parable as well as the parable of the mustard seed, I can understand how postmils can see their position in these texts. But do these texts have to be interpreted in postmil terms? I personally don’t think so.

Here in Matt. 13’s parable of the leaven the point is that the kingdom permeates the world. Jesus’ concern is extended not only to national Israel but to the whole world. Therefore the gospel is preached throughout the whole world and effectually saves the Elect from each nation. No need to for postmil assumptions.

But I hear the objection coming from the postmillerian in saying that since the Gospel spreads and converts then in deed this will have an effect on the nations and politics etc…..but not so for in exalting this parable they forget the previous parable of the Wheat and tares which clearly contradicts this notion.


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