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A TestimoniYO!

Posted: November 22, 2010 by Ricky Roldan in Topical
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It was a spirit awakening night just about 27 years ago in my one bedroom apartment when I was contemplating my life as I was about to roll a blunt and get high for a second time that day when suddenly I began to have an urge to open the scriptures and investigate further my father and mother’s Christian guidance. As I began to read the book of Romans my soul was struck with an overwhelming sense of guilt and with the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit I then realized how unholy I was as a creature in the presence of a Holy God causing me to fall on my knees and plead to God for forgiveness and asked Christ to take over my life and do with it as He wished. Prior to this night I was involved in gang activity and drugs. I was a very feared individual by those who knew me or heard of me and it was this kind of life that I lived for despite the godly instruction in righteousness that my parents instilled in me growing up. I openly hated God and His law, I never denied that God was real and that Christ was His son and it was only through His atoning sacrifice that one would be saved but I was hostile towards this truth and even said the I didn’t even care and that I would rather be in hell with the true gangstas than go to a heaven filled with a bunch of goodie goodies who were really cowards, trust me I cringe even thinking about my past and my attitude towards God as I sit here thinking, but blessed is He who chose me before the foundation of the world to engraft me into His Covenant and show me divine mercy and grace though I deserved His wrath and justice. Now that I look back at it all, I can most def see how the Lord had His hand over me and my life since day one and I have nothing but unworthy gratitude towards Him and it is with this gratitude that I want to convey to others like me who people look at and see no hope for. As many have said, if God can take a wretched person like me and turn me into a vessel of righteousness then He can do that for anyone, period.

I believe that God has called me to bring the Gospel of reconciliation to the culture that once had a vicious grip on my life and to teach them sound doctrine as I am convinced is more thoroughly defended in Reformed theology. My passion is driven by the need of the true Gospel and doctrine in a culture that is brainwashed by rap music and videos. I have a desire to present the Gospel to this culture accompanied by orthodoxy bringing a reformation hence my 26 yrs of experience using this gift that God has blessed me with, teaching in my local church and using the means of internet to engage in discussions with others around the world and also through my music building relationships with other believers and non believers via internet message boards witnessing the many that have come to Christ and to Reformation theology in which they also now burn with desire to join the cause being obedient to Christ great commission.

Thought I’d share this quick testimonial so you guys would get a better picture of who I am and whats in my heart so I hope and pray that the Lord my be able to use this to either encourage or bring others to also contemplate where there life is headed and reassure cats out there that noone is too bad or in to deep in the streets for God to work His greatest miracle, saving sinners.

Grace and Peace