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This is on the right track in my opinion. I would go further and say that before “Preterism” was used as a term for a hermeneutical tool to see some passages as fulfilled in the past a hermeneutical tool was already in place and used to see these passages as fulfilled in the Historical Grammitcal method. See Calvin and the reformers also Henry and many others who were Historicists.

So if anyone wants to try and convince ne as to the need for an extra term which causes tremendous confusion then I am all ears and will reconsider.

For the time being I renounce “Preterism” as a hermeneutical tool and will keep what was always in place to begin with.

Be disappointed if you want to and accuse me of baby bathwater stuff lol..I am very comfortable with just being a Postmillennial idealist which can agree with historicists, futurists and preterists (since many will insist on the term)

Postmillennial Worldview

PMW 2020-097 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

Much of this article repeats an earlier article which I think might be helpful once again. I am bringing it up-to-date due to some recent observations I have gathered in the eschatological debate.

As previously noted, I often have people ask me if I am a “preterist.” This is generally asked by someone who does not know what “preterism” means. They are usually fearful of the term because they do not understand what all is involved in the preterist idea. In fact, at a theological exam when entering a new presbytery, I was challenged as being an agent of the Hyper-preterist movement because of my orthodox preterist views. Fortunately, I was able to demonstrate that I am fully orthodox. But this experience showed me the danger of accidental false associations.

This will surprise some of my readers, but I would like to state…

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