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A Personal Tribute to Dr. RC Sproul

Posted: December 18, 2017 by Ricky Roldan in Topical

As I think back to when I was first introduced to Dr. Sproul about 22yrs ago I remember debating with my father who affirmed Gods sovereign grace and Calvinism but I didn’t. We had this discussion several times already and so my father one day handed me a vcr tape called Chosen By God a teaching series by Dr. Sproul on predestination and asked me to at least watch it and tell him what I thought. I agreed to watch it and get back to him and did so with the intent to critique and refute him. Well lets just say it didn’t go as planned. After the first two sessions I was already convinced and so many things became very clear for me and I wanted to know more and more and the rest is history.

From the first lecture I was mesmerized by his teaching style his passion for truth and the easy to understand communication skills he had. The biggest impact on my life was the series he did on The Holiness of God which opened my eyes to who God really is and how much we sin against Him and I finally and truly understood the beauty of the gospel. My life since then has never been the same as I attempted to teach like Dr. Sproul and made it my mission to be clear and easy in my communication so that I can convey the truths of scripture to others like me who didn’t have the opportunity to go to college or seminary and to this day I still dream of recording teaching videos to leave behind for my urban community and especially for my kids and family and so I pray that the Lord would grant me such an honor.

Dr. Sproul’s love for Christ and His word is an inspiration to all who had the benefit of watching, hearing or reading his works and it is very apparent that he has discipled and taught thousands around the world for the glory of Christ. If you haven’t had the chance to read any of his books or watch any of his videos then you are doing yourself a disservice and I implore you to do yourself a favor and dive into his works as soon as possible as you will not be disappointed. Dr. Sproul will be severely missed and his unapologetic defense and voice on the doctrine of Sola Fide will definitely be missed especially in our current situation with the attacks on this central doctrine from within our ranks. What I also appreciated about Dr. Sproul was his dedication to teach reformed theology as historically confessed instead of trying to make a name for himself by being novel in doctrinal matters like several do to this day and come up with erroneous views which confuse instead of making things more clear. He was and is a gift to the Church.

My prayers are with his family and I pray that the Lord will raise more gifted, bold, wise and abled men like him to further strengthen the Church and protect her from false teachers and false prophet wolves in our midst.

Thank you my brother Dr. RC Sproul.