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You stated: “2. Amillennialism seems to have inherit within it some idea that the elect will always be few in number, comparatively speaking, to the number of nonelect at any given time. Where do you find this in Scripture? Put another way: you have a hard time seeing that the Bible teaches a gradual increase in the percentage of elect as we get closer to the endokwhere does the Bible say that the percentage decreases or at least stays the same as it is now?”

Great question! There is a misconception among Postmillerians that when they contrast the Reformed Amillerian position to their presupposition, it seems as though Amils view Gods elect as very few as opposed to the plentiful elect people in the Postmillerian christianized world. But I am afraid this is a major misconception and misunderstanding coming from our Reformed brothers. To be honest I don’t even have time to get more in detail about this whole Pessimism vs Optimism false dichotomy for more about this I would HIGHLY
recommend Kim Riddlebarger’s article in the Modern Reformation publication magazine entitled Why the “Optimism” vs. “Pessimism” Paradigm Doesn’t Work” .

But I will say this though, we Reformed Amillerians believe and take to heart what God promised Abraham in Gen.15:5 which teaches:

5And he brought him outside and said, Look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able to number them. Then he said to him, So shall your offspring be.

Now consider the parable of the wheat and the tares in Matt. 13 in which it teaches that while the sower sows the good seed and the wheat will continue to grow,the evil sower is sowing his own seeds that produces weeds or tares, so in other words while the elect grow and grow as the gospel goes forth so also the weeds (reprobates) grow along side of them “UNTIL” the day of the harvest which is at the end as the passage explains later on in the context. So its not like the human population stops producing and then the gospel goes out and converts all who is left making the reprobates disappear, no, just as the gospel converts the elect so also totally depraved men are born and become wicked along side. This basic fact is totally ignored to enhance a so called optimist or “victorious” view of the gospel.

Therefore we maintain that the elect will continue to grow in number while the reprobate also continues to grow so trying to figure out a percentage of elect from reprobate is in my opinion futile.