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Quote Of The Month

Posted: November 19, 2010 by Ricky Roldan in Quotes
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Hey guys, Every month I will be posting my most favorite quote for each month from message boards….just thought it would be fun. I know that many of the quotes you will need context to understand lol, but I am willing to give context if need be so just ask away. I can also see this feature as a means for good healthy theological or Random discussions… heres the first EVER..haha….Be easy, one!

“If you don’t know….Let me inform you….Using the Book of Wisdom as if its inspired against a Protestant is highly irrevelant. Not to mention Early Mystical Church Fathers. I take it that you agree with everything the Early Church Fathers believe. I don’t believe you do, but requiring us to do so is very unsportmens of you. And the Book of James is true. God doesn’t tempt us to sin. He does ordain sinful acts. Once again, The Trinity before the foundations of the Earth decreed sinful men to crucify Christ. No getting around it.” Sylvester Pittman aka Seal