A Response to Jahaziel’s Attack on Christ

Posted: January 21, 2016 by Ricky Roldan in Apologetics, Topical
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Jahaziel who was a Christian rapper has claimed to have left Christianity and has now embraced Egyptian paganism and with his new found “knowledge” he has taken it upon himself to make a few videos where he is rapping verses attacking Holy Scripture, Christ and Christians. As many of us Christian rappers and hip hop heads became aware of this we became very disturbed by his blasphemies and mischaracterizations but most importantly we were very grieved by his apparent apostasy. I felt a desire deep in my soul to respond with a quick verse of my own in an attempt to send a message to him and maybe spark a dialogue. Well lets see what happens.

Click on the link to hear my verse with a simple video attached.

re: jahaziel // ricky roldan

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