“Don’t Call It A Comeback”…

Posted: March 3, 2015 by Ricky Roldan in Topical

“I been here for years” is a line off LL Cool J’s track entitled “Momma said knock you out” as he came back on the hip hop scene to respond to another rapper/MC named Kool Moe Dee who had some overstated opinions about LL’s legacy so he felt the need to back strong with a strong and clear response to not only defend his legacy but also to throw a few counter punches of his own.

For LL Cool J this was a matter of honor and truth. Therefore in like fashion I want to announce and proclaim that though I have been M.I.A in regards to my music and writing I have decided to make a comeback. Honor and truth was LL’s inspiration and it is also mine. I have sat back long enough watching my reformed theological tradition get attacked and especially misrepresented from those outside and more specifically those who claim to be reformed in their theology who revise history and water down orthodox reformed biblical doctrine. In addition, the false doctrines that continue to plague our urban culture is disheartening and we cannot just sit back and take these punches without doing some countering of our own.

In light of these issues I will be writing more apologetically and polemically whatever the cost and with all due respect no matter the pastor, scholar or theologian. In truth and love of course but we all already know how those with false doctrines like to exaggerate and accuse those confident in their convictions and doctrine as unloving and blah blah blah. Nevertheless the truth must be preached and taught everywhere for all time.

Brothers and Sisters, it is time. Join me and let us bring back the honor and truth of Christ and His true gospel.

Its a Reformed Ordinance

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